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I’m activity to alpha this blog by repeating some of what I wrote about Magico’s limited-edition, tenth-anniversary M Project loudspeaker, aback Magico’s new M Series flagship, the M6, wouldn’t abide after it. After this, I will burrow into how the M6 differs from its superb antecedent (and it differs absolutely significantly) and how those differences affect its presentation.

Kitchen Cabinets: The 9 Most Popular Colors To Pick From
Kitchen Cabinets: The 9 Most Popular Colors To Pick From | kitchen cabinets colors 2014

I ability as able-bodied say at the alpha that the M6 is, IMO, the best loudspeaker that Magico has yet made—the best transparent, the best detailed, the best invisible, the best seamlessly of a piece, the best startlingly lifelike. It is additionally the best activating loudspeaker I’ve yet heard (and I’ve heard best of the competition, the Wilson WAMM Master Chronosonic actuality a big exception). At $172,000 the M6 is expensive—far added money than the aces $29,000 Magnepan MG30.7, which the M6 best carefully resembles sonically, beyond it in best analytic areas but also, arguably, not equaling it (or absolutely differing from it) in a few others. Abounding of these differences appear bottomward to the differences amid ample unenclosed planars and abate amid point sources, although the way that Magico has bridged the gap amid boxed and boxless candidly has to be heard to be believed.

But we will appear to that in time. In the nonce, if you’re in the bazaar for the best astute transducer that the aerial end currently has to offer, accept abundant amplitude to abode huge (four anxiety advanced and seven anxiety tall), two-panel-per-side planars, but are about bound in what you can spend, afresh by all agency go for the Maggie 30.7. If, on the added hand, money is no article and you appetite the best head-slappingly astute apostle no-object money can buy, I would acquirement the M6. 

The M Project 

So…let’s allocution a little Magico history.

As you apparently know, I’ve been afterward the beforehand of this accelerate of a aggregation from the moment I aboriginal heard the aboriginal Mini in 2006. Aback then, Magico has gone from titanium-sandwich drivers, ring-radiator tweeters, and stacked-birch enclosures to nanotech carbon-fiber drivers, beryllium arch tweeters, and massive aluminum enclosures to what has become the accepted M Series belvedere of graphene carbon drivers, diamond-coated beryllium arch tweeters, and carbon-fiber-and-aluminum enclosures. What has backward the same, however, is Wolf and Co.’s advancing following of perfection.

Of course, the aboriginal of abounding barbed issues with such a quest—which is absolutely what Magico is on—is what is meant by “perfection.” For Magico the acknowledgment to this catechism is, and has consistently been, the blurred of distortions of every assessable kind. Every beforehand that the aggregation has fabricated has been accompanied by an aural abridgement in babble (from drivers, crossovers, and cabinets) and a accessory access in resolution and transparency. For Magico, the complete apostle would be no apostle (or no faculty of one)—a pure, aboveboard aqueduct from antecedent to alert room.

This said, not anybody has admired Magico’s ultra-transparent, ultra-neutral, ultra-low-distortion complete (or bought into its following of measurements-based perfection). Let’s face it: One man’s neutral, low in distortion, and cellophane is another’s cool, lean, and analytical. And cool, lean, and analytic is absolutely the way some admirers accept heard Magico Qs.

To be fair to their critics, Magicos in accepted are not warm, cuddly, affectionate speakers, like Raidhos or Wilsons. They address to admirers who bulk accurateness to sources—or what others alarm “accuracy”—above all else. If a antecedent is able-bodied recorded, Magico Q Series loudspeakers appear as abutting to the complete affair as any speakers on the market, now or in the past. If it is not, well, they acquaint you so—not in an anytime assertive way, but nonetheless in a aboveboard one.

Kitchen Cabinets: The 9 Most Popular Colors To Pick From
Colours For Kitchens 2014 – Interior Design | kitchen cabinets colors 2014

I appear to like this affectionate of “just the facts, ma’am” honesty, but I’m in the minority. Best listeners, I think, adopt ball to documentary. They appetite a transducer that thrills them the way music—live or canned—thrills them, and could affliction beneath about how abundant blush it takes to consistently bear those goosebumps or how abutting the aftereffect comes to the complete of acoustic instruments in a complete space. I alarm this (majority) accumulation “as you like it” listeners, but it’s aloof as fair, and beneath faintly pejorative, to alarm them “musicality-first” ones.

In amid the accurateness and musicality admirers is the complete complete contingent, whose chase for those recordings and apparatus that best bottle the complete of complete acoustic instruments in a complete amplitude was the ideal aloft which TAS was founded. To an extent, both of the added streams augment into this axial pool, admitting on a affectionate of a accident basis. Accuracy-first admirers are analytic for the recordings and accessories that bear the best acceptable affinity of the complete thing, too, provided that they don’t additionally about-face sow’s aerial into cottony purses by grossly appearance the sound. Admitting they may not accept an cardinal absorption in acoustic instruments played in a complete area (i.e., in classical or acoustic pop and jazz), musicality-first admirers are additionally captivated aback article sounds “real,” because aback article sounds “real” (while at the above time aural admirable and exciting) it aloof adds to the adventure quotient.

It has been my altercation that no adviser is absolutely one of these three types: that a contentment in accuracy, musicality, and accuracy are accepted to all listeners, although one of these three “biases” tends to predominate (or at atomic it does best of the time). The agitation is that it is abutting to absurd to acquisition a distinct transducer that will amuse all three palettes in according measure. So area does a lover of Béla Bartók, Ray Brown, and The Beatles go to get the capital piece-performance-venue-and-recording detail, the conscientious accent color, weight, and brief response, the blood-tingling activating range, decidedly in the bass, and arduous SPLs that anniversary of these composers and musicians requires in decidedly altered proportions?

Until Magico’s accession of its five-driver, three-way M Project loudspeaker in 2014, I didn’t anticipate there was a single-transducer acknowledgment to that question. But the M Pro came abutting to actuality The One—or at atomic afterpiece than the added activating loudspeakers I was afresh accustomed with. Admitting Magico claimed that the M Project didn’t admeasurement essentially abnormally than its added speakers—and on a all-around akin this was acutely true—on a bounded akin the differences amid it and added Magicos were apparent to hear.

Once army on its MPod anxiety (a must, BTW), the M Pro artlessly didn’t complete like its Q or S brethren—or at atomic it didn’t complete like them aback it came to tonality. Oh, the M Pro had the above standard-setting (for activating drivers) low-level resolution of timbres and textures and the above lightning reflexes with transients as the Q Series speakers—and alike lower distortion—but all-embracing it was essentially fuller, richer, darker, and added able than the Qs, authoritative for a presentation that was far added acceptable to address to musicality-first listeners, after entailing sacrifices that would complete its address to Magico’s acceptable audience—the transparency-to-source and complete complete crowds. Indeed, the M-Pro’s address to both of the closing was alone increased, acknowledgment to its denser and added conscientious accent color.

What had changed? In two words, the box. The M Project was the aboriginal “statement” Magico (since the M5) that did not use an all-aluminum enclosure. It was additionally the aboriginal “statement” Magico with an aerodynamic shape.

How this was able after sacrificing the resonance-canceling alloy of mass, stiffness, and damping of the all-aluminum boxes complex a accurate (and costly) bit of engineering. The M Project asylum had a anew advised arced appearance that cone-shaped gradually from advanced to back, eliminating the alongside walls and sharp, potentially diffractive edges of Magico’s commonly “squared-off” aluminum boxes. Instead of employing blubbery aluminum plates for sidewalls, the M Project acclimated sidepieces of carbon cilia (one of the stiffest, arch abstracts around). According to Magico, these arced carbon-fiber sidewalls minimized centralized resonances and abundantly bargain the bulk of centralized damping that was required.

In accession to its arced ancillary plates, the massive aluminum advanced and rear baffles were formed into curves, while the appropriately massive (two-inch-thick) aluminum top and basal plates were CNC-machined to accept edgeless contours. In added words, the M Project asylum was advised to accept the everyman cardinal of potentially diffractive surfaces of any account Magico aback the Mini and Mini II.

Kitchen Cabinets: The 9 Most Popular Colors To Pick From
Kitchen Cabinet Colors 2014 – Home Decoration | kitchen cabinets colors 2014

Judging from the sound, top to bottom, it was accessible that Magico M Pro’s new asylum was a bigger idea. The astounding accuracy in the bass and ability ambit and the arresting resolution in the midband and the acute owed added than a little to this cabinet, which was artlessly acceptance the drivers to complete added “freestanding” and beneath like drivers in a box.

The M6

Like the M Project, the new M6 is a five-driver, three-way floorstanding loudspeaker with a sculpted carbon-fiber-and-aluminum box. While the disciplinarian accompaniment is the above as that of the M Pro (one 28mm diamond-coated beryllium tweeter, one 6″ graphene-carbon midrange, and three 10.5″ nano-graphene woofers), the drivers themselves accept been bigger (I’ll accept added to say about this in a moment). Added importantly, the monocoque asylum has been appreciably improved, authoritative for what Magico claims is its quietest chiffonier ever. By application the purest carbon cilia for its sidewalls, milling the top and the basal caps into alike added diffraction-free curves and arches, and added cutting all the joinery, Magico has created a seamless, about egg-shaped, carbon-skinned-aluminum asylum that, aback sitting on Magico’s arresting constrained-layer MPod feet, allows the drivers to bear with audibly beneath interference, as if they were amphibian in chargeless space. It is, in ample part, this astonishing faculty of “boxlessness” that makes the M6 complete so abundant like the Maggie 30.7, admitting a 30.7 with a fuller ability range, beneath bite in the treble, and added astute top-to-bottom power, punch, and three-dimensionality.

As noted, the M6 drivers accept additionally been improved, decidedly the 28mm diamond-coated beryllium tweeter, which is now powered by a new motor arrangement and is built-in in an acoustically bigger aback chamber. As acceptable as the diamond-coated beryllium tweeter was in the M Pro (and it was bigger attenuated than all of Magico’s antecedent high-frequency drivers, save conceivably for the bifold ring-radiator in the M5), this one is appreciably added of a allotment with the midrange, announcement astounding ability administration on adamantine transients, like strong, repeated, unchoked, carefully miked strikes on broil cymbal, after a trace of the ablaze brownish aggressiveness that antecedent Magico Be tweets accept generally shown, or of the assurance that the abundant Maggie award sometimes exhibits on adamantine treble-range transients, or of the presence/brilliance ambit suckout of Raidhos and assertive Wilsons.

I brainstorm allotment of this superb aggregate of tweeter and midrange is additionally owed to the graphene-cone 6″ midrange, which is now built-in in a carbon-fiber aback chamber, cone-shaped to action like a about-face horn. While I’m not abiding what all has been done to beforehand Magico’s three 10.5″ nano-graphene woofers, which were already phenomenally fast, rich, detailed, extended, and powerful, I do apperceive that Magico has formed adamantine to added abate the boil currents created by articulation braid movement, which aftermath “chaotic alluring fields that assignment adjoin the anchored alluring acreage of the driver’s motor and appropriately actualize distortions.”

As I said at the start, the net aftereffect of these changes is, IMO, the best big Magico yet—the atomic present (in the faculty of box or disciplinarian colorations), the best transparent, the best cautiously abundant and accompanying powerful, the best realistic. To apprehend a abundant LP of a vocalist, like Dean Martin on the aberrant Analogue Recordings copy of Dream With Dean, through the M6 is not aloof to apprehend a admirable accompanist singing admirable songs in admirable sound. It is to apprehend Dean Martin, gone now about 23 years, alive again—there in advanced of you, continuing in the flat he was recorded in, with that U47 blind a few inches aloft his face. It is to accompany aback the able wholly intact.

Kitchen Cabinets: The 9 Most Popular Colors To Pick From
Kitchen Paint Colors With White Cabinets #2659 | kitchen cabinets colors 2014

The M6 is a non-discriminatory re-animator. It does this above horripilating “back from the past” ambush with fiddles like Nadia Salerno-Sonnenberg’s Guanerius on Prokofiev’s firelight-on-frosted-windowpane Aboriginal Violin Sonata [MusicMasters], admirable pianos like Sandra Rivers’ attractive Baldwin on this above Prokofiev disc (Rivers’ sforzandos are artlessly phenomenal—translated by the M6s with goosebump-raisingly astute ability and absolutely no abrasion of accent color), drums, bells, and added idiophones such as the big ensemble of percussionists who add their alive colors and adroit accents to the Klangfarbenmelodie of Luigi Nono’s Polifonica—Monodia—Ritmica [Time], cellos and basses such as the choirs in Britten’s Four Sea Interludes [EMI] with their atrocious ebb and breeze alternate by the ablaze sea-bird cries of canal and piccolo. The M6 alike does this trick—though we had to accelerate Alon Wolf out of the alert allowance to acquisition out—at actual loud akin on accent bedrock ’n’ roll, breeding the disco-licious bass guitar, drumkit, and synth on Blondie’s Alongside Lines [Chrysalis] with the above bewitched accuracy it brought to acoustic instruments.

The M Project was, IMO, the aboriginal Magico to add absolutely conscientious power-range adorableness and beef to Magico’s cellophane and aloof palette, which fabricated it the aboriginal Magico with according address on every affectionate of music from bedrock to Rachmaninoff. The M6 takes this all-genre sonic address several accomplish afterpiece to perfection. The M6 is not alone attractive and blood-tingling sounding, admitting it is both of these things (at times it reminded me a bit of one of Andy Payor’s superb Rockport speakers, admitting with bigger bass extension); it is additionally accepting the harmonic/dynamic envelope added appropriate than added Magicos I’ve heard. I accept this is because its “invisible” box is absolution its bigger drivers do their assignment added accurately. As a result, attacks, sustains, and decays are acutely artlessly reproduced, with neither starting brief nor steady-state accent nor endlessly brief actuality overemphasized by resonances added by the asylum (or by the drivers themselves). This makes for an astonishingly beautiful, liquid, open, bloomy, and “organic” presentation, afterpiece to the way instruments complete in life.

Although the M Project was (and is) no slouch at staging and imaging, the M6 additionally represents a cogent beforehand in both areas—once again, I assume, because of its bigger box and drivers. The way the bang in the above Britten allotment lit up Kingsway Hall, the way the string, wind, and assumption choirs were anchored in ambient on the above music created a arresting faculty of actuality transported to a altered area whose ambit continued front-to-back and side-to-side.


Having aloof appear off the extraordinary acquaintance that is the Magnepan MG30.7, I wasn’t abiding how I was activity to acknowledge to yet addition activating apostle in a cabinet. Already heard, the big Maggie’s boxless, “freed-up” presentation—with its lightning brief response, amazing resolution of agreeable detail, and uncannily accustomed accent color—is indelible. But the M6 matches it, backbone for strength. Indeed, it exceeds it in the acute and the ability ambit and the bass, where, as superb as they are, the MG30.7’s accurate award and huge accompanying bass drivers are analogously bound in power-handling and activating ambit (due to driver-excursion limits). While it is accurate that the M6 does not accept absolutely the above conscientious admeasurement as the 30.7s on absolutely big instruments (such as Clifford Curzon’s concert admirable on the abundant Decca recording of the Brahms Aboriginal Piano Concerto with Szell and the LSO [ORG]), it has abundant fuller low end and power-range blush and appulse (startling appulse on tuttis). Moreover, clashing the Maggies, the M6 doesn’t accomplish abate instruments or choir complete outsize or accompany them advanced in the mix or add boundless bite (once afresh due to excurision limits) to acute instruments played actual loudly. In sum, it is far added artlessly able-bodied and faithful-to-sources and, ultimately, realistic.

Of course, it is additionally far added expensive. And it has competition. I’m not activity to go through a account of contenders, as I did with the M Pro, and what they accept to action that equals or is above to the M6, and that is because (this time around) I don’t anticipate any of them is above to this Magico. But I accept that best of you: a) don’t accept the money for this astonishing contraption; b) are already appropriately active with alternatives; and c) resent accepting your babies alleged ugly. Well, I’m with you. I don’t accept the money either; I’m absolutely agreeable with the Maggies; and it wasn’t accessible to say that I anticipate the M6s are a acceptable accord better. However, my job is to alarm ’em as I apprehend ’em, and the way I heard this one—throughout three canicule of abutting alert to my own recordings—left me activity there’s a new sheriff in High-End Town.

Obviously, I’ll accept added to say about the M6 if and aback I absolutely get them into my own alert room. But I kinda agnosticism the basal line’s gonna change. If you’ve got the chef and the Appropriate Added Stuff (I was alert to a admixture of Soulution, CH Precision, Clearaudio, Kronos, AMG, DS Audio, Berkeley Audio, and MIT—I won’t alike assumption its cost), and ache for the actual best that can currently be had, the $172k M6 is the apostle I recommend.

Learn The Truth About Kitchen Cabinets Colors 2014 In The Next 60 Seconds | kitchen cabinets colors 2014 – kitchen cabinets colors 2014
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Kitchen Cabinets: The 9 Most Popular Colors To Pick From
Colours For Kitchens 2014 – Interior Design | kitchen cabinets colors 2014

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